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Security Halt Mental Health support kit. This is our version of an "on call" supply bundle.

The tools and resources in this kit pack a powerful punch. These resources come straight from licensed Therapists and Integrative medicine providers. These tools have helped countless Veterans and 1st Responders. Each kit includes the following:

- Durable Metal Case

- Everyday Carry Aroma therapy device

- Fidget Spring ring

- Power Mints 

- Security Halt! Stress Coin

- Downloadable Mental Health "First Aid" Guide


Security Halt! Mental Health Kit is a great tool to have on hand as you continue your Mental Health journey.


*BE ADVISED, This kit does not replace your Therapist or Counselor. It is mearly a tool that helps you stay on track. If you need immediate assistance please call or text 988.

Security Halt! Mental Health Kit

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