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Helpful tips on CRSC from our very own Eric!

Hey, it’s Eric from the MF’in podcast! I just went through this process of submitting my CRSC (FEB 2022) and wanted to share a few things.

1.The current processing time is 60 days. This isn’t the day when you submit, it’s when HRC puts your DD Form 2860 in their system.

2. You can email your claim form and supporting documentation to this address: It took me 2 emails because of the size of the files, even after they were compressed!

3. Here’s the best part… They won’t even let you know if and when they get it!

4. However, you can call HRC at this number 1-888-276-9472 to ensure that they received your documents and to check on the status of your claim. It took 3 weeks from when I sent the email to when they started on my claim.

5. Have patience. It’s going to take a little bit of time, but it is totally worth it. Honestly, this should be a mandatory task for all of you medically retiring dudes. If you have any more questions, want to just bullshit, or need help with anything else HIT US UP you fuckers. Much love.

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